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Horrible bosses?


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Not sure what happened after last patch, or it is just me, but yesterday I have experience 3 weird situations in FPs.

I was doing the BT on my freshly started marauder and the last boss took like 6 or 7 attempts! I was with a F2P mate and he was inquisitor, not able to use any of interrupts.

The boss was extremely difficult to kill and the HP bar did not want to decrease, no matter what we did.

But i blamed myself because maybe I did not familiarize myself with marauder rotation or utilities, or whatever.. simply I was just a beginner on the Sith side


but then in my lvl 50 consular i joined the Battle of Ilum on the last fight and people told me they are trying to do it already 6th time!

I was seriously asking : is it your first time? do you know you need to interrupt? etc.

They all nodded and invited me to see for myself.

Now, we wiped 2 times at the 3rd we finally managed but with very low HPs.

Seems like suddenly FP bosses got terribly buffed, because I saw boss HP bar again did not want to go down, no matter what we did. There were moments that we hit him hard with all possible buffs and what have you, but nothing happened, his HP was standing still!


They told me later it took them more than a hour to finish that boss! Whaaaat?


and then i was again joining the group of ultra jerks (as it revealed later ) who were standing already in front of the Taral V prison. Someone apparently left the group. I came there on the speeder, NOT being in stealth and one scoundrel who WAS in stealth went into the building right after me. The droid boss rushed on me INTO the buliding, what was rather unexpected - i have done it zillion times and nothing like that happened before. He simply stood there, in front. Then I ofc used the cloak to get out of fight (thinking that it would put him back outside) but he continued to harass others. And they blamed me for pulling the boss, while the stealthed scoundrel probably was to be the one. they revived me and we continued the fight, but again, the boss seemed to be unbeatable.

They continued to blame me, instead of focusing on the fight so we wiped again. Then I told them I have never met such a bunch of jerks and left the group and FP.

I am in full BH gear and I know all FPs tactics, so despite of the jerks in the last group I think devs had to buff the bosses drastically (or it was some bug on TRE?) because all 3 bosses were like unbeatable...I do not remember such thing.

Anyone had the same experience with FP bosses?

Could they decrease the repair costs but at the same time increasing the FP bosses difficulty???

If so, that means I stop doing those, with such change it makes no sense at all. I have done all of them 100 times and have no interest of doing it again for such a poor reward as 6 BH comms.

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