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Trooper Vanguard & BH Powertech Talents - Patch 2.0 Changes


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For anyone wondering what is up with the Trooper Vanguard/BH Powertech Talent Changes in patch 2.0 and what it looks like here's a video I made going over every single talent that changed in each tree. Remember to check out the description in the video for the table of contents to skip to your specific specialization.

NOTE for Empire Players: I am a Republic player so I go over the Trooper Vanguard Talents, however the Bounty Hunter talents are a direct mirror so just replace the republic terminology with the Empire terminology and you should be good!


Trooper Vanguard & BH Powertech 2.0:


So as I was looking through the new talent trees and it seems to be that the shield specialist/shield tech tree got the most tweaks and talent additions compared to all the other trees. There is a huge emphasis this time around on resource management for each tree of our class. Also the reworking’s to the shield specialist/shield tech trees have made our only tanking tree quite a lot more versatile in regards to damage output as well as utility while still being tanky. I still stick with the assault specialist/pyrotech tree though just because I like the range that the specialization plays in (i.e. the 1-10m range). As for the assault/pyro tree itself, talents were switched around and reworked here and there but the playstyle is still generally the same.

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