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Tips for a low level Vanguart tank


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Iam a level 17 vanguard and decided to spec for tanking I have read some of the guides on the forums and such but a lot of the abilities I don't understand because I don't have them yet and iam new to tanking so I don't understand some of the concepts so I would really appreciate a few tips
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Focus on Endurance with a side of Aim. Gear your level doesn't generally have secondary stats on it, but Power or Critical will be more helpful to you in the early going pre-30s. After that, start looking for Shield and Absorption.



Use Ion Cell. Place Guard on the highest level melee DPS in your group, since they'll be in the thick of it with you and they generally are the ones who will more often threaten to overtake your aggro on the mobs.

Try to open with Mortar Volley. If that isn't available, a Sticky Grenade and Pulse Cannon will work nicely.

Cycle between Stockstrike, Hammer Shot, High Impact Bolt and Ion Pulse when focusing on a single target.

If you're handling more than 1 target, try to manuever them around so they're all fairly close togther, then use Pulse Cannon and Sticky Grenade whenever they're available.

Remeber to try and not let your Ammo fall below 7, otherwise it will start to regen slower which means you'll have to wait longer between attacks and your threat generation will fall off.

Face mobs away from your party!


Honestly, there are a ton more pointers and more in-depth information available, but that will hopefully get you through the early levels.

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