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Get Better Server to support the population


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At high time, around 3pm and past midnight, the server, Begeren Colony, gets swamped with people. The population size isn't the problem, but the server is not up to par to support the amount of players. I have been disconnected or close to it as the server tries to support 150+ people especially on planets like Tython. Not only is PvE suffering but PvP is too, making it very difficult with the constant lag spikes having to constantly spam my skills to make sure they activate and the occasional 5 second pauses aren't helping either. Early mornings I have no issues, PvP works find and so does the PvE. My internet is not the problem either, other people in game are complaining about the lag issues. my speed test


Please make the servers better to supporting the large amount of traffic. I have stopped playing PvP at night and even get turned off by the horrible lag in PvE because of this issue. I am subscribed right now, but quite frankly, if I can't play a smooth game in the mid-late hours (school starts and my schedule changes) I don't see much reason in even playing ToR let alone recommend it to people.

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