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My Little PvP Mercenary vs Illum video


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This is my first tage for my first MMO so any hints would be welcome on the PvP aspect of my play style, I don't claim for a second to be "pro" or even good lol but when a game is as much fun and takes as much work to learn as this does i just have to drop a "one day-er" as i call em ;). Im thinking also of making a video for each PvP planet showing my other spec builds and tactics as i learn them.



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Sorry but this video proofs nothing (reffering to clip description) :( :


1. fight vs gunnery commando (attacked by mobs)

2. fight vs gunnery commando

3. fight vs gunnery commando (with mobs)

4. fight vs assault commando (probably recruit gear)

5. "fight" vs sentinel (killed comapoion and run away)

6. fight vs guardian (as u can face-tank him probaby full tank spec) - only decent fight here

7. fight vs sage (49 lvl, attacked by mobs)

8. fight vs sentinel (after fighting with mobs, lost about 1/5 HP, guy reacts after few seconds)

9. fight vs gunnery commando (fighting with mobs)

10. no comments.


I also experimenting with Arsenal and Pyro hybrid but don't get any succes with it, but i would like to see your build first then I can say more (as I can see u use very samll amount of skills - tracer, rail shot, unload and stun missile supperted by energy shield and jet boost).

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Can you post your build?


the idea is to get the buffs on unload and rail shot from both trees so 2 slow effects, armor piercing, DOT, reset, etc while the TMs theoretically break the Armour so its more about dishing out negative effects on the target as apposed to buffing myself, just an experiment i was playing with at the time and i wanted to show the results against players. but this is an old thread and i've not used that build an a long time now. But yeah up to barrage on arsenal and up to super heated rail on pyro. oh and the reason was to focus the reset and snare on unload to hold players back and deal simple and fast DPS.

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