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Disconnecting In Rated Warzones


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Something needs to be done about this. We all know the lag spikes are horrific in warzones, and its bad enough that you can't even make it through a single regular warzone with out at LEAST 1 person DC'ing....but rateds?


Last night we did 5 rated warzones, 2 of which we had 1 person DC the second we entered the warzone, and then there was a 3rd where one of our guys could not use the bike in alderaan at the start of the match, so he had to DC.


So we lost 3 rated warzones due to 7 on 8s.


There has GOT to be a way to /invite people into your rated warzone once this happens. You straight can not compete in a 7 on 8 in Rateds. Even for pugging that would be difficult.

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