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Fresh 50: Shadow Edition


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I just hit 50. Before my first WZ was complete I started with these items and numbers. To do this it requires you currently have one 50 and a set of legacy gear. How many people have gone this route?


Side note, I'm looking for some pubs to pvp with on The Bastion. My guild is all imp minus another shadow who is lvl 49.


War Hero Pieces:

Head, chest, gloves, legs, feet, off hand


Elite War Hero Pieces:

Both relics, ear piece


Orange modded:

Belt, bracer



Both implants, Main hand (for two WZs, just now buying WH)


19498 HP

Melee damage 820-997 - Force 610.7

Melee accuracy 107.67 - Force same

Melee crit 38.29 - Force 37.34

Multiplier 76.34 - 76.34

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