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Perceived Value of Cartel Packs.


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A fundamental problem with the Cartel packs is the perceived VALUE of the packs. If I am going to pay for an item that is about chance, it is in the interest of the vendor to make me feel like it was a good purchase even f I don't get what I exactly want; this will encourage to make MORE purchases, and that should be the prime focus of selling these for Bioware.


It's about the psychology of the purchase and its impact on future purchases of packs. If the value was better and you strongly considered the suggestions I list below, then it is a high bet that the perceived value of the packs will improve and thus purchases will rise. If a buyer doesn't get the item(s) he or she was hoping for, then they should immediately move to the thought of "well, at least I got these other goodies that I can sell, use, trade, etc.) This is sort of happening, but only for half the items IMO.


I suggest the powers that are conceiving what goes in these packs take a hard look at what is going into other games' "lockboxes" or equivalent. Especially games that improved and learned a lot from their lottery boxes and have greatly improved the value (i.e. STO.)


The current perceived value of cartel packs is pretty low, considering you have a high-probability to get half your pack being useless and/or valueless.

Everything you get you should be useful, in any situation.


An example of a useless, valueless item: the Droid customization items. Why?

It's bound immediately.

You can't sell it.

You can't send it to others in your legacy.

You can't trade it.

You get a Customization for the droid you can't even have (Imp getting Rep droid.)

Yet... they take up a slot in your pack. A slot that something much more valuable could have taken up. And all you can do is destroy it. It feels incredibly disheartening to just destroy something you just paid a bit of money to get. If I could, sell, trade, etc. the item, it would not have this effect as harsh as it is currently.



1- take emotes/moods/social trinkets OUT of all future packs. Put them on sale in the Cartel Market. Sell them for 90-180 coins. This includes things like banners, ball throw, etc. Let those who want these, get them directly from Cartel Market.

2- Add more components, gifts, boosts, gear items, mounts, etc. in lieu of #1

3- Remove the specific follower customizations and create a new "Companion Customization" item that's universal and Version 9 or 10 or w/e makes sense. This would be something, that when slotted into ANY companion, it calls up the new Version 9, 10, etc. look. This would also make these customizations more valuable, as they are not for only 1 companion and people might actually WANT to get several. Additionally, don't make them Bind on Pickup!!!

Yes, this idea would need to be front loaded with art assets, but if people started getting these we wouldn't necessarily feel completely cheated when we get our 7th droid customization on the same toon- especially when you get a pack that has TWO DROID customization for the same droid. /headsmack

4- Reduce the "bound till" timer. 36 hours is foolish at best.



To recap- boost the perceived value of what is in the packs. P(l)ayers should not have a groan moment when they open a pack. Everything should be able to help move a progress bar, add credtis directly or indirectly, or enhance the look and power of gear/companions. Nothing should be BOP.

If the item doesn't fit the above criteria, it doesn't go in the pack. Put it in the market- which will bolster direct purchase options and inventory in the market pages.


I'm buying your packs, make it a worthy endeavor for me. Leave no room for buyer's remorse! I'm already accepting that there is a strong possibility I'm not going to get ultra-rare item X... but don't pour salt on the wound by having me open a pack to receive: Ball Toss, Droid Customization, Hero Banner, Republic Banner, and a crafting component. That pack will only infuriate me and wish death by fire on cartel packs in general... and HAS!

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There is a ringing truth to your post. Having bought a few packs myself, I've had a couple moments where I though I could have simply lit my money on fire and at least gotten some useful thermal energy out of it. The fact that cartel items can't be sold to vendors at all blows my mind. I wouldn't even be opposed to waiting for the bound timer to expire to do so (although the bound timer is somewhat nonsensical, in my opinion).


Perhaps the reason is credit farmers, but that sounds like a stretch to me. I mean, if I bought 5 packs and was able to vendor the "dud" items in each it for an average of 5k credits, then put the crafting materials up for 50k credits on the GTN, it puts a value of 55k credits on your $3.80. Obviously this will vary depending on market demand, items recieved, etc. But putting a real currency value on in game credits is something EAWare has been (supposedly) trying to avoid.

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