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The game needs deflection and jump


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What ever they say , and what ever they do, they nee dto find away to incorporate lightsabers batting back lasers into this game and they need to make force jump available


These are two core aspects of force users in the movies and books and most games, i mean, what star wars game doesn't have force jump?


how? why? well why is easy, and if you can introduce a think like cover which is a great idea, you can certainly incoporate lightsaber deflections, and force jump too.


Force Jump:

1. allows you to drop from great heights twice the speed of falling speed, landing in an acrobatic stance

2. Allows you to jump great heights and distances (has a cooldown) - could use a target reticule to place the position you want to jump too.


BH/Troopers and Smugglers/Agents have comparable but different abilites?

BH/Troopers have rocket pack - shoot them into the air at a height determined by rank, and for about 5 or 10s, during which they can move forward in any direction.

Dropping great heights, engaging the rocket booster will instead slow your descent till you touch the ground without harm.


Smuggler/Agent: uses ropes/cables via grappling gun (think AMidala in Episode 1 final battle sceene climbing to the next level with her guards, or LUke and Leia in episode IV in the deathstar needing to cross the bridge.) use the target reticule to place where u want it.

Dropping great heights - they can have a futursitic parachute, or explode a device that turns into some sort of bubble or cushion that softens the impact.



Agents/SMugglers have cover, Force users have deflection. Several ways you can go about it you can either:


1. Have it as a defensive cooldown ability, where you would deflect every shot coming (amount varies with rank) back at the shooter both protecting yourself and causing him/her damage


2. it could be something your jedi/sith will automatically do when not in melee range, during global cooldowns, or give it an activate button, useable only during global cooldowns that would hit back the laser to hit the target but at reduced damage.. you can say the reflected shot of old lightsabers would absorb most of the energy of the original laser shot, or claim that it was only later that jedi and sith learnt how to use the force to reflect all of the energy preventing the lightsaber from absorbing it.. long after the events of the old republic though.


3. MAke it an active ability you have to choose to do instead of attack, so wanna defelct? press deflect instead of attack and you'd wham the laser back at the shooter. CAnn't dfelect projectiles back at the target, they would instead just not hit you.. or you can take shrapnel damage from from pieces that chip off

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Deflection is already in the game, and depends on your defence chance. And because of that cooldowns that increase defence increase the chance of you deflecting.

As a Guardian Tank I deflect pretty often.


Edit: Oh you want to deflect blaster bolts back at enemies....

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