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Healer class similar to SWG Medic


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After a couple of years off from MMOs with my last being WoW and prior to that SWG, I finally picked up TOR.


I am looking for a healing class similar to the old SWG Medic profession. I was pretty darn good at it, and I'd like to do it again. I.E. - the ability to pour out massive health bumps on the run (little channeling) and not running low on go-juice. As a SWG Medic - I just stacked ridiculous amounts of Stamina and never ran out.


My main right now is a lvl 23 Merc. I tried Bodyguard spec, but really wasn't getting what I wanted. Is there a better class that will meet the aforementioned preferences? Do I need to give it a few more levels to get the desired results from ability tree?

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An operative may be a good choice.


It uses 1 cast, 1 channel and 3 instant abilities.

The cast is max 2s (lower with alacrity) and the channel is meant to provide you with a way of regaining resource while also giving a small HoT. The other healing abilities are all instant and can be applied on the move.


The issue is that for the instant heal you require something called a Tactical Advantage. You will usually gain this tactical advantage by casting your 2s heal as well as keeping up your main HoT on targets.


I will not go into the detail of Operative healing, there are many other threads on this topic, just one caveat, Op healing does not really pick up until level 30 and before you will be using 2 channels, one of which will become redundant once you reach level 30.


Resource management is easy with the aforementioned channel and an ability which also requires Tactical Advantage and which gives a buff to your resource generation and must be kept up at all times as well as an oh-**** cooldown when you get really low. Make sure to keep your resource above 60% at all times though.


A Mercenary has instant heals, 1 AoE and 1 with a rather large cooldown, but its channels are pretty quick and has similar resource management to an operative. A Sorcerer is almost fully a cast/channel healer and has an interesting way of resource management which requires constant life-tapping.


Lastly, there is no stat which helps with resource generation, only class/tree specific buffs/debuffs

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Yeah, I found out pretty quickly that resource level stays the same regardless of equipment and level.


I suppose I was looking more at the instant cast capability and hardiness that I had with my spec in SWG - which seemed to lead me to merc for the heavy armor.


After doing a few low level instances as a merc healer, however, either I'm very rusty (possible) or the class isn't right for me.


I'm working on an operative right now - will see how that goes.


I never really took to mage-type classes in any game.

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As for 'hardiness' it is hard to look for this in ToR healers, they are all pretty squishy. Armour rating merely dictates how much kinetic/energy damage you reduce and I doubt that even a Merc has over 20% but I do not know the exact numbers and healers get most of their survivability from activated abilities. Again the detail is a bit too specific and lengthy for this thread. Sorcs also make up for their light armour by having 10% defence base as opposed to Merc's and Op's 5% base.


The truth is there isn't an all instant heal class, all classes use casts/channels in their throughput rotations. Below are the casts without any alacrity (stat that makes your casts and channels faster).



Casts: 2s, (1.5s - becomes redundant on level 30 when correctly specced)

Channel: cca 2s only used to top up and/or get resource back



Casts: 1.5s, 2s

has an ability on a 45s cd to make 1 attack/heal with cast activate instantly



Casts: (1.5s - not a througput ability), 2.5s, 2s

Channel: 3s


As such you can see why I recommended an Operative, on the basis of little channels. I would say do not worry too much about armour rating as a healer. Each healer deals with survivability differently.

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Operatives are very nice to play for the abilities listed above.

Something to consider too, is that while we don't have heavy armour like Mercs we do have some decent tools to up our survivability including a 3second dodge, defensive screen (not the best but it costs no energy), a single target stun, a group stun, out of combat cc, droid cc that can be used in combat, and an ability that'll let you drop from the fight. Use these properly and you'll be walking away from almost anything. :D

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