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Belsavis World Arc Quest - Dropped


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Hi All,


The other day while questing on Belsavis (41 Merc) I picked up a side quest to see if it was a heroic or not. Once I saw that it was not a heroic, I went into my quest log to drop it but by mistake I dropped the world arc quest instead. Now I'm unable to get the world arc quest back, I checked the last npc who was giving me missions (the sith guy in the building by the dropship), I went back up to the orbital station where the quest line begins, and I also tried to go back to the holoterminal where you turn in the mission item from the last part of the quest I was on before dropping it (after retrieving the security key). None of these options gave me the chance to pick up the quest again.


I opened a ticket but it was closed by pointing me to the tutorial section of this website (as if I don't know how to pick up a quest regularly :p). Any ideas on how to get the world arc quest back?

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