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roll back to version 1.3


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ur poor pvp balance is ridiculous,

and u should never nerf any class to fake balance it,

u should buff weak class role,

roll back to version,

u r losing lots of pvp paying or non-paying customers cause ur stupid wrong decision,

many of us not pvp at sick weak class anymore;


and don't forget to implement char transfer system ASAP,

cause we don't want to pvp anymore.

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cows go moo, ducks go quack, MMORPG Players go the PvP is unballanced, LOL...


you can always count on the PvP players to find something to whine about because every PvP player is the best around and theres no way she can lose legitimately, and of course they will whine untill the original game the PvE players baught, the ones the game is balanced for by default upon release, is ruined or badly nerfed for them, honestly that mentality is one reason why i dont PvP... it makes whining babies out of normaly decent people and makes enemies out of friends... really if PvP is so important take it to a pure PvP game like Guild Wars and leave the story games alone, quit trying to ruin it for everyone else, this is just a multiplayer story game with PvP tacked on for a bonus...

(end soapbox)

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