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Thank you all for taking a look. I thought I'd offer a different perspective of PvP to my viewership. Sure, we're all excited to see this big numbers, whether heals or dps. But, what about the guy that carries the weight of the Warzone on his back? The purely objective player that cares not for the glory of kicking butt. Well, I'm here for you, oh unsung heroes.


Vol. 2 of my PvP Video series is devoted to showing the masses what it is to be a PvP Tank.



But Cates, what about Vol. 1? I'm glade you asked, Vol. 1 is available here. A little bit shorter and more focused video, I'm sure you'll find it as enjoyable as it was to make it.



Cates, you're so amazing at PvP. I want to gear and spec like you, how can I? Well, it'll take months, or even years of practice to PvP at my level, but you shouldn't feel discouraged. I realize the footage in Vol. 2 might be overwhelming for some of the PvP community, but if you take it slow, you'll get the hang of it. As for spec and gearing, you can refer to my Ask Mr. Robot page.




Thanks all for watching!

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