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Armouring on belt & bracers for PVP


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I currently have war hero rage 27 armouring on my belt and bracers

stats: Amouring 150 strengh 39 endurance 38 expertise 50

not sure whether to use advanced might 27 from pve operations

stats Armouring 150 strengh 72 endurance 69 (No expertise)

I lose 100 expertise if i go for those which equats to about a 0.75% damage bonus decrease

as im looking for hardcore dps should i stick with expertise or more strengh

i did some calclation on my basic slash attack and the difference in min damage when swapping these

two difference armouring was 24 damage. I then tested with more expertise and the difference is 10 damage

but that % increase on expertise is garaunteed as its % increase not min to max damage i know its not much differencce but any thoughts would help


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