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Request on Art changes and added gear


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Trooper Heavy armor variant Lacqerous Mesh Chestguard, and Greaves. Could you please add black padding in between the armor plates. On the next piece that looks like little squares just below the neck, could this also be made black please. Other then that leave the armor as is.


Second request is on the Phobium Onslaught Helmet, could the visor be replaced with the one you see on the trooper helms in section x. The current visor is just pitch black, it has no shine to it, like the outcast helmet has. Other then that leave the armor as is.


Both these armors are armormech custom


One last request that the corpseman armor currently only a drop in the game be able to learn from a armormech trainer. So armormechs can make said armor. I do not care for section x but those trooper npcs look freaking amazing. I know the armor is custom and a drop in game, but I cant use it for myself, my companions, or my guildmates unless I can make it in large quantities.


One more note these are request to be made in game, so players have access to them. They are NOT, I repeat NOT, and again I repeat NOT to be added to the cartel store with the changes I requested. Adding armor to the cartel store does not improve the game as a whole, for the whole of the community. It only improves the game for the rich. By rich I mean those that have 20 bucks of RL money to throw at the cartel store as if it were nothing.

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