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Rattataki Scar Pattern Availability


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I was hoping to create a Rattataki character with a class other than the three available. I unlocked the Rattataki class using Cartel Coins, but was disappointed to discover that the scar patterns available when creating a Rattataki Inquisitor were not available to any other class, including the Inquisitor's Jedi counterpart, the Consular.


I pre-designed the character using the Inquisitor character editor expecting the scar pattern available there to be available to the Jedi Consular. Is this an oversight? Could the Inquisitor Rattatki scar patterns be enabled on the Consular Rattataki, or could all scar patterns be made available for selection? Part of the character's visual and role play concept are based on this particular scar pattern and I find it frustrating. that having purchased the unlock, I cannot create the exact character I wanted.

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