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Please make this minor change that could prevent a major annoyance


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So, with 12 characters per server, our characters are now on two pages if we have a full roster. The character we last played is up at the top, and the rest are alphabetical. If we want to switch to a character on the second page (which I do often, some of the characters I play the most are lower in the alphabetical order compared to my others) we have to press a little arrow. Now, this arrow is dangerously close to the "delete character" button. I know there's a confirmation for deleting a character, but I can imagine some one new to the game, drunk, or both flailing and getting an accidental deletion, or a bug ignoring the confirmation. My solution? Move the "delete" button to the other side of the little character menu so it is close to the "previous character page" button instead. People would rarely go from the second page to the first. At least, I press that button a lot less than I do the "next page" button. So please, I know actually deleting a character this way is unlikely, but just one incorrectly deleted character would be too much, and I think it would be a pretty minor fix.


Thank you for your consideration.

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