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Crew Skill crafting Combat Assistance


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Now what I mean by "Assistance" is the creating of combat type companions/pets these character types would be used just for combat or if its done a arena kind of places used for gambling by the hutt's or maybe other players gambling.


A few examples of crafting used are as follows with even light and dark side types:


Artifice = Light: Jedi entity/ghost Dark: Sith entity/ghost


Biochem = Light: Tame creatures this will allow players to gather a creature from a planet that has a appeal to them, though considering its light side only natural types can be used. Dark: Creation or taming of dark side beings (Sith alchemy) considering we have many encounters with these it would be nice to create our own versions if possible.


Cybertech = Light/Dark: Droids Dark: Droids with humanoid brain most likely need to create a tool in Cybertech to extract it, my guess different bonus will be given depending on brain.


What do you all think of this idea?


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