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Bunions Crafting List


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So I figured I would make a list here for the public to know all the goods that I can craft as it is getting to the point where I make too much stuff to try and advertise it all in General on Fleet. As always, everything I craft is free for your mats (No tip required) and I almost always have pre-mades ready for each


Armoring 27s

- Commando Armoring 27

- Guardian Armoring 27

- Force Wielder Armoring 27

- Might Armoring 27

- Resolve Armoring 27

- Reflex Armoring 27

- Skill Armoring 27


Mod 27s

- Artful Mod 27

- Agile Mod 27

- Deft Mod 27

- Aptitude Mod 27

-Robust Mod 27B

-Reinforced Mod 27B

-Elusive Mod 27B


Enhancement 27s

- Bulwark Enhancement 27

- Bastion Enhancement 27

- Battle Enhancement 27

- Initiative Enhancement 27

- Adept Enhancement 27

-Quick Savant Enhancement 27


Barrel 27s

- Skill Barrel 27

- Reflex Barrel 27

- Commando Barrel 27


I do not craft any hilts and have no plans to learn any.

I do have some 26 stuff but not very much, feel free to whisper me and ask if you are interested in the 26 stuff.


If you have any suggestions on what you would like me to learn next feel free to post. I will be trying to get the tanking mods and crit mods in the near future

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