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Looking for a Guild


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Just started playing again. I came from SWG and was really looking for a new game to spark my interest. I only have 1 toon on this server, a level 29 Sith Sorc. I do have a great love for PvPing and do rather well even at my level. IGN is Opitimius If anyone warzones regularly around late night hour you'll most likely see me on. I'm very self reliant in terms of gear and info. I'm really just looking for a guild that enjoys PvPing and PVE as well where I can gain help on when I do need it, weather it be information, or help with a certain quest. I don't mind helping guildies however possible, and I do find I can be a good addition to a guild. If your guild is recruiting please shoot me a tell in-game or here on the forums. I don't mind some light RP as it bring a certain element to my gameplay, but can't say I'm to heavy on it. Look forward to hearing from you.


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