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PAZAAK was a promised


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I might have wrong but...


Pazaak looks like card game, a gambling game which is forbidden in law in some countries. That might makes EA change their mind because or SWTOR get banned in those countries.



Gambling in World of Warcraft:



was kotor 1+2 banned in any country because of the pazaak game ?

i am really asking, because if this was not the case i dont see any problem including it into swtor, however if there is a problem with human players interacting with games like Pazaak, (gambling ect.) then they should make it an NPC only thing =)

let me play against corso or bowdaar in a friendly match =) :w_angelic:


Would it be Illegal to have NPC driven Casino ingame ?

(no gambling with other players just, NPC`s and you)

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Thats the problem with all the non beta testers posting now


Pazzaak was promised as a high priority item shortly after release in Closed beta


The quote the OP using is the far to common "take back" that happens around here from EA


Sorry no quote, those forums were locked up and removed


But anyone that was in closed beta and followed those threads (there were many of them as they have continued to be the most requested feature for this game since) knows it was "PROMISED" to the closed beta testers.


*incoming "But they changed their minds after they took everyone money excuses"




The fanbois will defend them till the end of time

The middle of road people (me) will say yes its a broken promise but what else is new

The haters will hate


But a disclaimer after the fact doesnt change the facts about an original statement and promise made to the closed beta testers. Remember, we were under a NDA so we couldnt repost the promise for all. Doesnt change what was said


ha i was right!, thank you bro for help me

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