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"Root the monkey" build (for commandos and mercs)


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We all know the state of our class and it sux no matter what build we play. As for me, i play in Assault spec and it's pretty ok until a monkey or another melee approaches. Auto attack snare isn't enough to escape, cryonade is the only way to stop an enemy and it's definitely not enough against melees who have snare removing abilities/talents.


Today i tried gunnery again and realized that tho the damage is perfect the survivability leaves much to be desired for sure. The only thing is good in gunnery spec is its stock strike root which is actually a root which we waited for a long time but for some reasons it doesn't help in gunnery spec at all. If you are crippled you just don't have enough time to crawl away from melee and still you get hits in your back. Unacceptable to my mind.


So, what we have. Gunnery spec strongly requires snare efffects removal ability and Assault spec in its turn requires roots. That's the reason why i'm writing all this.


I tried a new hybrid spec again. Again, because i have already tried it but it was long ago when i had weak gear and low dps. Now, having half elite wh i decided to try it once more.




It looks a bit ugly i know but i think for the root sake we can stand it. :)


I ran about 5 WZs in it and it's awesome! :)) As you see i didn't sacrifice any damage increasing talents except our dear Assault plastique. Alas but it's necessary. Yes, we lose spike burst from IR, HIB, AP, SG, FA, HIB combo having no AP in the list BUT having good gear i didn't realy notice the loss tbh.


What we gain? We gain root and reactive shield that removes any movement debuffs. AND crazy push back from gunnery tree which i always loved. The foes fly in the sky away from the node or a healer or just you and it saves situations greatly.


As for the damage, it's still fine but not as good as with 4.4k criting assault plastique ofc. Now i use Plazmanade more often and manage my ammo carefully. Also i added charged bolts to the panel again for i feel kind of a gap in my rotation. Use it when don't need to kite melees.


Now i think about some gear changes coz of crit lack. The technical crit is still 40% but i feel not enough after loosing 3% in talents. I think i can change some mods sacrificing some surge perhaps.


Hope you'll find the spec useful coz i did and feel i want to test it more.


Good luck mates

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So I've tried something similar on the mirror Merc side. 11 pts into Arsenal to take the rooting aspect of Rocket Punch. And then the rest into the Pyro skill tree.


Functionally the Rocket Punch root does catch some enemy melee by surprise since they aren't used to seeing it from someone using the flame cylinder. However against better enemy melee you are getting basically nothing since the short duration of the root can be covered easily by the melee using their two saber throws and/or Force Choke. This is the problem with the RocketPunch root - you have to be so close to use it, that enemy melee can still keep you in range for the duration of the root effect and then immediately leap back to you. Compare this to how a sniper roots enemy melee - with a knockback that pushes them out of attack range and roots them for a longer period of time and afterwards the melee can NOT leap back to them. Personally I'd rather have the root effect tied to Jet Boost and have a snare that stacks with Sweltering Heat tied to Rocket Punch.


The other problem with this kind of hybrid build is that you sacrifice a decent amount of hitting power. In addition to the loss of ThermalDet, you lose hired Muscle. The problem is that you must waste all those skill points in the 2nd tier of the Arsenal tree. You seem to recognize that and respond by pushing two extra talent points down the tree into IntegratedSystems/AdvancedTech, but this is still a low productivity skill.

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I actually did a similar hybrid build (and got the same criticisms) because right now what commando needs is surviveability and escapeability, not DPS; we're actually really good at DPS if you don't compare to OP classes.


With low level gear the AP crit just doesn't happen very often. What you have is about 10-15 skill points to get you to a skill that does about 2k ever 15 seconds on average. Since hammershot alone is getting me about 1k in 1.5sec it's just not impressive. Chopping that off gives alot of skills that keep you alive longer. And more time on the floor attacking is a good trade-off for a 2k hit that keeps you behind the spawn wall half the game. I'd say the massive knock-back, stock-root, slow-immunity is a great tradeoff for a subpar top tier skill.


For recruit I think these builds help; your main damage comes from your more frequent attacks and not a top-tier crit. Maybe once I have full war-hero augumented gear and I can stay alive I may stack crit and go back to Assault Plastique. In the meantime it's just a matter of staying alive and harassing as long as possible.

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be sorta good with a straight spec, or crappy at everything with a hybrid.


merc has no good hybrid builds. youre best damage attack is RS/HiB with this build. that isnt going to cut it against anyone but the worst of the worst.


also, your point allocations are just straight weird. Take points out of Advanced Tech and Heavy Trooper in Gunnery and put them into Steadied Aim. you are better off with 1 or 2 points in Rapid Recharge than splitting them between Parallactic Combat Stims and Soliders Endurance (only 2 pts in that unless you have everything you want/need already).


bottom line tho, is that if you play Merc/Mando for the "utility" you are severely gimping yourelf

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Unfortunately, "rooting the monkey" isn't really going to gain you anything since they still have a few ranged and medium distance attacks to hit you with as you try to run away.


But, besides that, there are a few issues with the build itself.


1: You only put 1 point into Reflexive Shield. If this build is about mobility, take a point out of Soldier's Endurance, or Advanced Tech and put it into there. Personally, for PvP I would take both points out of Advanced Tech and put them into something more useful.


2: You now have very little burst potential. You can put up a lot of DoTs, and get an HiB, but then what? You no longer have the burst needed to finish someone off before they do the same to you.


Creating a build that is centered on a sub par root that no one wanted, and that people still can't figure out why we got seems poorly thought out. Most of the time, those that we would use the root on, smashmonkies, are immune to movement impairing effects after a Force Leap anyway.

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Even if the hybrid spec was viable there are some seriously misallocated points.


Soldier's Endurance, Heavy Trooper and Advanced Tech are empty skill points in my opinion.


I'd put 2 in Weapon Calibrations (you'll notice the 4% faster Charged Bolts as much as you'll notice the 2% extra health).


I'd take the point of Heavy Trooper and 2 points of Advanced Tech and put both of them in Steadied Aim.


Definitely use the spare Soldier's Endurance Talent for a second point in Parallactic Combat Stims.


I'd drop both points in Degauss since frankly being rooted isn't a huge problem for us, and instead put another point in Reflexive Shield. Getting up Reactive Shield more often is much more important than clearing roots. You have field aid to cure quite a lot of roots and snares, and the ones that can't be cured by field aid are from classes that either can't kill you that fast or will reroot you immediately anyway.


Now lets talk about the build itself.


Point allocation aside, you've essentially given up AP for a stronger knockback and a root attached to stock strike. The root, while better than nothing for gunnery, isn't worth giving up AP for. As others have mentioned, the melee range requirement to even use it makes it's usefulness dubious at best, and AP is nothing to scoff at with our High Tech Crit chance in Plasma Cell and the Crit Multiplier bonus it gives. I'd have gone after Deadly Cannon if anything (gives FA crits some punch), but even then I don't really think it's worth it.

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