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Marrauder coming back to the game


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So i just recently resubbed and once again I am having a lot of fun playing my marrauder. I used to play a lot of pvp and I still plan to but I also want to get more into pve. Based on this I have some questions that would be great to get some answers to.


1. Pvp gearing: What should my stats look like? Should I start using pve gear once my expertise hits a certain point? Should I rip the armorings off the vindicator set for the set bonus like I was doing before? Is there any other mods/enhancements that I should plan on using to replace the default ones in the elite war hero gear? I used to run in carnage for the amazing burst and the bonus it gives to predation to help the team be mobile, is this still viable in pvp or are there better specs?


2. Pve gearing: Much of the same here, do I use the default armoring/mod/enhancement combo in my gear or do I swap in anything else? When do I switch from focusing on strength to focusing on power? Are the pvp relics BiS for pve also or should my matrix cube take one slot? What spec should I be running in?

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