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Vengeful Malice Celebrates Turning Three Years Old!


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Fellow players on the Jedi Covenant server:


Three years ago, on January 12, 2010, on these forums as well as our own, Vengeful Malice was formed with the goal of gaming together in SWTOR! Throughout the years we have shared friendship and playing all while staying true to our ideals within the guild! Congratulations to all of you VMers and thanks for the great years!! I look forward to many more with all of you!


With that said, I ask the community to join us in a celebration on Saturday, January 12th at EIGHTpm EST with THREE events to have fun and thank the community for all they have given us!

(No entry fee required)


FIRST: A deadly mounted race around the dangerous map of ILUM! The race course will be shown to everyone interested in competing, with the winner receiving ONE MILLION credits! Officials will be around to ensure fair gameplay. All rules will be stated before the start of the race.


The second event will be a precision suicide jump from a high cliff spot on Ilum to the body of our guild leader, Vehement down below! The person who suicide jumps the CLOSEST to him wins another ONE MILLION credits! Leap to your death as many times as you can in the allotted time limit to attempt to land on him and win free money!

The final event, Vengeful Malice will host a conga line through and around the Imperial Fleet dancing/singing and having fun! Free refreshments to all that participate!


Three Years of Vengeful Malice, Three fun events!!

We look forward to the celebration and hope to see everyone there!!!

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