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Instructions/Rules of Ancient Hypergates WZ at loading screen


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I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to add instructions to the Ancient Hypergates warzone loading screen, because a lot of players still don't really know what to do exactly :sul_confused:.


This often leads to in-game discussions (sometimes even insults:jawa_mad:) during the warzone, about what's better:

  • Deposit orbs to the pylons;
  • Or kill opposing players;
  • Some people even think that capturing the pylons is enough for a victory, kinda' like the Civil War warzone.


The correct answer would be to capture a pylon (or multiple) and bring orbs to it, because orbs are worth twice the amount of points of killing players.


I know that there are some brief instructions in the Warzone (finder) window, but to be quite honest, I don't think that those will really help unless when you've played the Ancient Hypergates warzone before.


Now I'm not here to explain the rules of Ancient Hypergates, nor to judge anyone, so is there anyone else who thinks this might avoid a lot of confusion and unnecessary discussions (and insults) :jawa_smile:?


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