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Jassa and Vette Romance Questions


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Hi all,


I know this has been talked about a bunch but my specific thing I couldn't find. What I want to do is get to the option where Vette makes me choose and I select the 3 way. Below is where I'm at. Have I missed it or is it even further along?

I'm level 31, both of them are above 9k affection. (lot of gifts)




I did a one night stand with her, she asked me to stop with Vette, and I selected something like fight for me or never thought you were afraid of a fight.





Haven't slept with her. Have done flirts everytime they come up. I'm on the quest to go free her sister. Before I free her sister I want to force her sister to service me. But I'm pretty sure this will end it with her.



So is there any way I can make Vette make me choose before then or is it after her sister I'll have to stick with Jassa?

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There shouldn't be a problem as long as you reject Jaesa when the option comes up. I doubt getting her sister to entertain you first would end the relationship (don't quote me on it though). As long as when you are confronted you choose Vette you should get her.


I think sleeping with Vette's sister does end her romance. When I did that quest I was exploring all the options and if you do that she'll say something like "enjoy it because she'll will be the last twi'lek you'll ever sleep with"

I can't say for sure because I didn't go through with it, but it clearly seems like a way to screw up the romance. And makes sense.

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Hard to tell which 'sister' we are talking about here. Vette will refer to Taunt, from Nar Shaada, as her sister as well. You can sleep with her/go off with her on your own without any repercussions.


The very late in the companion romance arch 'sister', no don't do it. Seeing how you're only level 31 I'm guessing you're not referring to this one.

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