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I don't get why people bash Shadows?


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Just like the title says. Shadows, from what I've seen, hardly get any hype, people seem to put Sages & Sentinels above. On my server (Harbinger) there seem to be easily twice as many Sages as Shadows.


Both have the same storyline, but to me the Shadow has is far easier to level with Combat technique, stealth, burst damage, and all of its control abilities. Sages take awhile to get their best abilities, although I understand why they're far more valued in groups. Their telekinetics abilities look cool, and of course they can be that all-important healer. Sadly, IMHO they aren't THAT different or more fun to play than your typical caster class in other MMOs, hence why I prefer the Shadow.


While there are other melee classes in SWTOR, and other stealth users in different MMOs, the Shadow’s Force powers, control, and even its theme all add up to a unique experience. It’s highly survivable in Tank spec (seriously - KC + Theran = soloing easy mode), has some really awesome lightsaber strikes (I LOVE the animation for Clairvoyant Strike), and is meant to be a balanced & powerful Jedi and it fully delivered. Maybe it’s the theme, but there’s a larger sense of the experience than just what I’ve described above. It’s tough to put my finger on exactly why, but the Shadow is a special class.


Having said that, my experience is that melee classes generally do have more trouble at endgame in most MMOs (especially in PvE) due to the mechanics of many fights favoring ranged. But if anything, I think Shadows are gems in the rough. I've found many people in my guild surprised at how good they are.

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