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6 players -- Campaign+ geared LFM's or guild merger


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We have an imploding guild, but a strong core for an ops group that is 2/5 on TFB HM and completed on Denova HM. We're either looking to merge w a guild who has a few extra players getting locked out of top-level raids OR recruit two new players, any non-healing class. TFB HM experience best, but must be campaign geared at a minimum. We raid T/TH/Sun at 10 cst.


Class Break-Down


Powertech Tank

Marauder DPS/Jugg Tank

Marauder DPS

Op Healer

Sorc Healer

Merc DPS


We may have a couple of other fellas come with us that can't meet our regular raid times but could help out on other raids in a healthy guild. We've been together for most of the first year (since Feb) and are all adult players. We use raidcall for voicechat, have a facebook group, and a webpage. No FTP players.



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What is your guild name and character name so I can find you in game


Forge is recruiting for it's second group and that many capable players would move it along quick.


Our core 12 are 3/4 EC NiM and 5/5 TFB HM


Any chance at all you are willing to raid earlier? 10cst (11est) is pretty late.


If most of you could swing 8 eastern it would make a world of difference


You can contact me in game on Berothius if you would like to talk more

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1/2 of this group is in Mt or Pacific time, so 8 est is just too early for a lot of our players. If we could run earlier, we wouldn't have the problems we're currently facing with guild membership.


My name is Rafeen. I'll be on tomorrow night at 9 CST to chat with anyone interested.


You're also welcome to chat w us via Raidcall if you DL it (free to DL and use -- I'll share the password online, but not post it here).

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Apologies to the two of you who attempted to reach out to me this week.


It has been a busy week, trying to squeeze in as many progression and SM raids as possible before the holiday week as well as orienting newer recruits.


It was not my intent to avoid reply, just walls of text made me lose the names before I could return the whisper.


I understand your statement regarding schedule but unfortunately at this time 8pm, occassionally as late as 8:30 is when are raids wil continue to start as most of our raiders are Central or Eastern.


There is an off chance some of our raids for gorup 2 will be set at 9pm eastern but that would be the absolute latest so 10pm cst will simply be too late.


Best of luck in your search, if your schedule availability changes feel free to reach out to me again via in game mail or tell.

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If you guys are still looking for a potential new home for your group, please check out Pandamonium. My raid team actually joined several months ago as a group of 7 and we love it here. Our recruiting thread with lots of information about the guild can be found here: Pandamonium Recruiting Thread.


Also, please check your PMs when you get the chance. Thanks! :)

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