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Change to Greed/Need system


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Reading a few of the "new players" threads on Greed/Need...;


1) Add an actual tutorial popup about Need/Greed to the game.

2) Make pass an actual option instead of the X.


But the actual change is;


2) Add a bonus/penalty counter to 'need'... each time you press need -5. Greed? +3. Pass? +7

So in the end if someone keeps pressing need, they get a huge penalty. The greeders and passers get bigger bonusses. And when they finally want something, they probably get it, even with the needer hoarding items.

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Also, if a player passes X number of times, maybe they're not getting any drops that are spec'd for them...maybe add a new one with different stat farther down?


I've gone through whole FP's without a single drop for my toon, so I pass all the time. It's a particular pain when running with the Tropper since this class, and all comps are Aim...so Strength drops are no use to me then, and Bind on Pickup means I can just mail it to my JK or sell it on GTN.

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