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1 wish for X-mas


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I have to learn a lot more.

I L2P.

Really, i do it.


I learned already, that snipers can knockback me 4 times in a row and that shadows have endless cloaking, even when attacked.

Im just a nabbish Guardian but the world of PvP is full of hidden secrets and i agree, other classes have to have tools to stop me from destroying them.


So, my xmas wish is the following:



Please tell that uncle Claus.

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All i want for xmas is a new hutball map ^^


*Runs for shelter from all the angry anti-hutball folks*


HEY LOOK! ! ! It's another person who LIKES Huttball! And I thought I was the only one.


How about a reverse Huttball? As in, you start out with a ball and have to make it to the center to plant it. That would make the middle a complete death zone. Toss in some moving obstacles, like cranes with a wrecking ball swinging around. Maybe add in some hungry Rakghouls here and there. And make it a fatal four way, 2 teams of imps and two teams of pubs, but every team is out for itself and all the other teams are opponents.

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