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Re-add Battlemaster gear in the Cartel Market


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Now that all of the Battlemaster sets have been completely removed from the game - other than already learnt schematics - it would be a perfect opportunity to add them back into the game in the form of classless, adaptive armor shells to be made available in the Cartel Market.


Contrary to the current top-tier (and next to top tier) sets, a lot of these sets looked wonderful. It would be a horrible, terrible waste of desired art to prevent players from acquiring and using these pieces anymore. Currently, the only way to still get these is by having someone who managed to learn the schematics on time craft them for you, and they you're slapped with a high-level Valor restriction.


Adding these armors to the Cartel Market would not only provide players with a way to get the armor sets for their characters like normal, but it would also provide players the opportunity to give other classes of characters these excellent armor looks.

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