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How to make credits being biochem?


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Stims, reusable medpacs and adrenals.


reusable medpacs? the only ones i know are the rakata ones and those are bound to me.


Exotech Stims.


I have best in slot Hazmat implant for sorcs and can't sell it coz it is too expensive to craft. It is easier to get 350 BH Comms. lol


The radioactive paste costs much more than the current final price for those stims.

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Honestly, as a biochem the best way to make money is just selling mats.


On my server:

- Radioactive Paste is 12-15k a pop

- Mutagenic Paste is 1.6-2k a pop

- Immunity Cell Culture is 1.3-1.6k a pop


Only get about 18k a piece for Exotech stims. No one is willing to pay for Exotech adrenals but I do manage to sell a few of the Hyper-Battle Adrenals for about 10k each. I have more luck with Triage ones than anything else.


If you've got BH or Hazmat level implant schematics you can make a bit from selling those, I usually get 1.2-1.5 mil per but there isn't a huge turn over. Usually just 2-3 a week, its better if they're a BiS option that you can't get for BH comms. I usually just craft one of each and wait for it to sell before I craft another.


You can usually get a bit from making lower level prototype stims and implants but its not a huge amount. Its really just a QOL thing for rerollers and a slight advantage for sub 50 PvPers. You're best bet for levelling ones is probably to craft them then advertise on the appropriate level range planet that you're selling 2 hour stims that last through death since lots of newbies won't know the difference.

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The best way to get around this really is to just offer services to your guild, get the mats, get the crafted item and if the players are decent enough, they would give you a tip for the service.


I mean, i would pay for the item and tip, if i could find a crafter to make stuff for me when i need it and would accept a reasonable price, unlike 90% of the crafters only interested in profits, even if its overpriced, they don't care.

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