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<Xtraordinary Slackers> Republic - Mature, Social, Casual - Slackers of Galaxy UNITE!


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EDITED: May 1t6h 2016 (Tried a new thread but this is too classic :); And is less work ;)


We're a small-medium Republic guild aiming for a quality > quantity, with community focused content, mature helpful fun experience that's quirky, social, for PvE, some PvP and dedicated to slacking and winning and cupcakes for all also while being an internationally flavored family friendly (mostly) tongue-in-cheek ROYAL themed multi-gaming guild focused on SWTOR with members looking for family!!! (boy what a long run-on sentence, too slack to even use grammar. I can see why the E left in our guild name :cool:. But who needs it when aside from baking cupcakes we slack together! And work alone! Yay!


Formally Consistent Conquest Board Presence. Consistent OPS. Consistent Slacking. Consistent Cupcakes. And major attitude :mad: I mean :cool:


Slack together, work alone!



Like the game we've had a slow period; however back to recruiting; peeps returning; we are seeking those interested in being part of a community we have community made events (monthly themes, scavenger hunt with slacker royal story, raffles, more).


OCT - SLACKTOBERFEST (success, 30 showed, prizes, Trivia Game, Beer Drinking, w00t!

NOV - THANKSLACKING DAY - Nov 21st - Triva, Unique Royal Slacker Story

Currently Scavenger Hunt, Slack of Thrones Chapter II: The Golden Cupcakes And The Masked Lady From Beyond

More in future!

QUICK LINKS/THREAD CONTENTS (for the slackers in you):


Our old thread

SITE aka http://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com

APPLY (Required)

email: xtraordinaryslackersguild@gmail.com

Sith Sister Guild


I. Quick Links II. Intro By King III. Currently Seeks IV. Guild Perks. V. OPS/SCHED VI. Slacker Rules VII. Officer Contacts/Ranks. VIII. Guild Standard or Creed


(note: we have a royal ranking system/theme. We sometimes RP it in fun, not seriously. But as King/GM I will do so ALWAYS in RED TEXT as the arrogant Henry VII like King Slacker/GM! Again, <---quirky aiming for fun :D

*body type 4, RED elvis hair with full beard, velvet red/white robe; cupcake in one and, his mighty ban/slack hammer the Slackjolnir in other hand, turns *

Highly suggest reading our Guild Creed/Standard at the end. We began in SWG in 2004; through ups and downs have remained a guild in multiple games and returning in SWTOR yadda yadda people return back to us because of me - okay, okay maybe because we are a COMMUNITY first; laid back, mature, quirky, but respectful n' nice folk. Except to peasants. They are unbathed and beg. We DO have requirements (site use/registration, rules/policies) but guess what? WE HAVE CUPCAKES! *eats cupcake that fell on floor*


III. CURRENTLY SEEKS: Anyone who slacks!


ALL who follow, understand who/what we are. So ALL welcome if you APPLY HERE! (still have standards/rules, below).


IV. Guild Perks:

Note: Joining primarily/only for bonuses is not us - we will require app/site joining and no you don't have to talk all the time or group up always but never doing so is a leecher. *RAISES HIS MIGHTY SLACKJOLNIR* And leechers get leeched. Or something.


  • We have 10% XP/Rep, have a very active core.
  • Sunday OPS/Sat Sith Sister Guild OPS, Friday Progression, More!
  • Flagship and Yavin Temple!
  • 4 Bay Guild Bank, various privileges by rank (recruits have NO ACCESS. They are peasants)
  • Monthly THEMED EVENT/Flagship Meetup with Raffles, Giveaways, Unlocks, Promotions, Trivia, Karaoke, Slacker Scavenger Hunt/WB/OPS fight with slacker story chapters!
  • Future Karoke Nights resumed, Trivia Nights (note: drinking will be allowed, so, 18 or hah 21+? :)
  • SITE and LOGOS and special unique content.
  • TS3, FB, twitter, youtube (in development) and site.


We aren't huge, if GC gets silent, say something, ppl will talk! Lots of work-in-progress stuff




SUN: 7:00pm PT - Open 16m SMs/Special Events

WED: 6:30pm PT - TBA!

Slackgressive: Suicide Slackers

Fridays: 10:00pm PT (currently full)

We use TS3! It is REQUIRED to LISTEN during OPS, a Mic is NOT required.

VI. Slacker Rules: (yes, even slackers have rules :)


Slackers with rules? Whaaat? :eek: Yes you fools err uhh potential slacker royals! Yes we know this isn't a job, we get that - you do NOT need to read them all; minimum is agreeing to Slacker Creed/Standard and base OPS Rules.


1.) 4.0 OPS Guidelines/Guild

2.) Away On Leaves Thread

4.) Member Guideline/Ethos/Guild Creed

Officer Guideline Requirements (Soon).




King/GM = Erisk (me)

Queen/Vice GM = Bimu (AWAY)

Prince/Vice Vice GM = Imcus

Dukes (full officers): Dirty Harriet, Vay, Tar

Counts: (Lt. Officers) Ash, Zenium, Katma, Garlion


Lords are elders,

Knights full members,

Nobles provisional and,

Peasants dirty unbathed recruits. Safety against ninja thieves/more

VIII.GUILD STANDARD (Creed): We at the League of Xtraordinary Slackers don't need that E to make us Xtraordinary! We've got cupcakes for that! :) We have the motto, slack together, work alone! Meaning we've lasted nearly a decade through multiple games by being a COMMUNITY first; Quality over quantity guild, where both casual and dedicated members meet to form a great family of players to enjoy whatever content in whatever MMO, game, or social site/media/talk we participate together with. We aim to provide a mature, fun, relaxed social atmosphere to learn and work together helping eachother progress through content and become friends. If XP bonuses or perks are your main reasons for joining, seek another guild.


ALL events (casual n' progressive) are about FUN first and foremost, limiting negative, overly serious attitudes, grief and ill feelings. We strive for non-elitism and INCLUSION (despite fun n role play with our Royal Slacker ranking :) We have a quirky humor but ALWAYS maintain respectful interaction with all members, genders, and species.


We will have ups and downs (we're slackers! :) But YOU as a member, elder, officer, or vagrant, have responsibilities, guidelines, rules and this standard/creed to follow to make this guild strong and long lasting. IN TS3, GC, Site, or another slacker game, you're expected to uphold our slacker values and represent our guild as quality members. Once a slacker, always a slacker, within reason and rules :)

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Would you like to do an alliance with Red Harvest (pub) and Dark Ascension (imp)? We have a few imp 50's, although most of our pub toons are 30ish. Also it is mandatory to log on teamspeak with a mic to join my guild so we are all familiar with teamspeak vent etc. Please PM me on site or on any of the following toons Aalizzim, (imp) Dualtigerass, (imp) or Ifistigers (pub). I hope to hear from you our your guildies soon.
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We are still recruiting.


Right now we could still use a tank or two, and some more dps for Ops, but we will take any role.


At this time, you can message Aneese or myself (Tarjin) in-game, as Erisk is out sick and hasn't been able to log in. If you can't find us in-game, feel free to drop us an in game mail, we are on those characters at least once a day.

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Corellian Run Radio has written an article on our guild in their Community Checkout weekly guild highlights! Check it out! :)




Thanks Jason! And remember we have a new site: http://xtraordinaryslackers.enjin.com/home


Slack together, work alone!

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Thanks Zach :) Update: New Officers to contact: Zach'aelen


We are recruiting again; especially 55s for SM and HM content. But all lvl/experience welcome of course. Please feel free to check site, contact/PM myself or any officer with any question outside or in-game as well.


May the slack be w/ yall! :D

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Thanks Kat you smulageegoo! Should note we're still recruiting slackers from all over the galaxy AND other universes! Our guild set up recently in ESO - and a bunch of us play STO. As said, we're a gaming community of xtraordinary slackers. Come, join us to do absolutely nothing together! :p
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I would LOVE to join this guild! I was also on Interpid back in the day on SWG, I was a tailor and a Shipwright and if you had something stamped (Dallas Designs) it was made by me! :D I am newly returned to the SW:TOR community, but my mains are Imp :( Although I'd be happy to lvl a healer on the Republic side if it meant being a part of a solid guild like this. I'll apply on your websites and see what happens!


Kara Ráhl, 51 Merc Healer

Caelán Ráhl, 50 Sith Assassin

Leahloo Dallas, 21 Scoundrel

Aeryn'Suhn, 31? Vanguard

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WOW I think I remember! Well we have MANY Intrepid players from our guild in SWG and other guilds, funfests! :) Anyways, really right now any role you want. We have been helping many new 55s gear up recently, etc. And hopefully next expansion brings some new life to SWTOR AND more slack - decorating houses can just stay there all day and do nothing! :)
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We're reforming/rebuilding our OPS programs! We accept ALL lvls and experience and many are leveling esp in mornings/afternoon PT right now - but we are trying hard (oxymoron to slackers I realize this :) but to reform our OPS and HM OPS. So 55s are especially welcome, tanks included :D

We're not hardcore - it's about community and our aim is to provide a safe guilt free environment to have FUN together with awesome nice people from around the world (Yes, there are slackers in France!) :) - We want a relaxed but STILL serious about progression HM OPS. Even for a social semi-casual guild like us, there must be commitment for any HMs and honesty of performance and having appropriate gear, TS3/mic, Parsing, and good attitude :) STRICT start end times. All us have RL and busy schedules. Not everyones cut out for HMs, but if serious we have many willing to help in builds/etc. and to help gear! We are rebuilding phase but growing again while EVERYONE waits for the next expansion - and we'll always have 16m SMs weekly and stuff for the true slackers and those seeking casual OPS with guild.


So don't let our name fool you (well, it's not a trick, we ARE very much slackers :) but we are aiming to provide when SWTOR is slacking themselves at giving content :) Cheers! And slack on!


http://xtraordinaryslackers.enjin.com/ and apply here or simply contact me or any listed officer in OP!

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We're really getting ready for Strongholds. Rebuilding/regrowing but we have a solid foundation and core, we know SWTOR has been lacking the content, but we'll try to provide what we can to make things different. Future event ideas:


10+ Datacron/World Datacron and World Bosses

Karaoke OPS Night

Nar Shadaa End of Event Casino Night (RL drinking!)

DPS Contest


And much much more! (okay not really much more yet we're slackers, deal with it :cool::eek::D


xtraordinaryslackers.enjin.com and contact any one of us listed on OP or myself or Zach above.

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Xtraordinary Slackers are seeking all players.


If you are wanting to get into raiding, such as lvl 55 HM Raids, we are working to build up some raid teams! All roles are welcome. We currently have an 8m team that Raids Tuesday and Wednesday and are looking to start 16m HM raiding on the weekends!


Forming additional raid teams is never out of the question either! So, If you want to raid, but want to be more Slack-Core than Hard-Core come talk to us, and join the Slacker-Side! We have Cupcakes!!!!


Also, if your more into PvP, but just want to enjoy doing unranked PVP with guildies, we have members that do that too!

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Xtraordinary Slackers is a Casual guild. We are always looking for others that are wanting to joina fun laid back community!!!


If you are looking for a hard-core progression guild, then I'm sorry to waste your time. But if you are looking for something a bit more Slack-Core then we got you covered! Plus, we have cupcakes!


You can checkout our guild website at: http://xtraordinaryslackers.enjin.com/home

Or our recruitment thread: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=572838


(We have a imp side sister guild as well)


Come Join the Slacker Side!!!

Aarchaelen / Zach'aelen / Zachael / Zach'ael

Duke Slacker of Enlistment! (Come get your cupcake!)

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