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Pre-order Benefits - Free 30 days


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As a pre-orderer of the standard the standard edition, I was entitled to an additional 30 days of free game time assuming I purchased a subscription. I did not actually subscribe to the game until shortly after the free-to-play patch launched. Will I still get my free 30 days after my sub runs out?
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if you entered a credit card when creating a new account, it won't be debited until after the 30 free days that comes with the purchase of the game and activation of the code.


But if you activated your code a long time ago, these 30 free days might have run out.


You can check this on your account page "my SWTOR" then go to my account > subscription.

- You'll get a detail how many days are left before you're billed.

- You'll see the exact history of your subscription

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