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orange light armor leggings that arent skirts?


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If you have the CE: there is a vendor in the VIP lounge that sells a pair of pants.


Other options: Civilian Pilot's pants (requires getting your starship and earning enough space commendations doing space missions).


Here's a list of all social armors and the required level (note the "formal" male set is no longer Imperial specific and can be purchased by the Republic social vendor on their capital world too): http://swtor.wikia.com/wiki/Social_Armor


Another new option of course is to buy a pair of pants on the GTN or CM. With the GTN you'll need anywhere from 15K-100K credits and be VERY careful on the CM that you don't buy a set with mods (and thus level restricted) unless you already meet the level requirement.

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Can anyone recommend one? maybe a social armor? tired of the skirt look on my shadow


here is one, http://www.torhead.com/item/5hrUoK6/voidmasters-legwraps


and its a very nice set imo


or you could go with some of the Cartell items such as the Noble set or the Pilot set, those are examples of none "skirt" leg options for all classes since they are adaptive, meaning the armor type changes with your class type.

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