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Money Maker for Bioware: Class-specific mounts


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Hey Bioware, hope the title caught your attention. Here is a great money maker that you could put in the store.


Make class-specific mounts. I'm talking awesome, sick-looking, sweet mounts. Lord of the Rings did this for all of their classes, and people have forked over money as subscribers that they wouldn't have otherwise to get their class-specific mount.


Now, to be perfectly clear, here is how you do it so you don't irritate your client-base. You need to give people the ability to purchase the mounts in the store directly for a large price, say 1800 CC. If you want to put them in the pack with a rare drop rate too, then fine, but give people the chance to purchase them outright please. The inability to purchase pack items at a premium has been the number one complaint I have heard on fansites (three of which I write for: TORWars, Corellian Run Radio, and The Fanatical Swordsman). These mounts would be awesome to have (I would want three of them at least for my main characters), and I think people would really go for things like this.


Thanks for listening, and I invite anyone to offer more suggestions related to this and even ideas for class mounts!

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