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Modable Tionese/Columi/Rakata Bracers + Belts


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Since the new Dreadguard/Hazmat gear finally introduced modable bracers and belts that complete the style of the raid tier they belong to I think it is time to introduce modable versions of the old Tionese/Columi/Rakata gear, so that players that want to hang on to that particular style can wear those even when doing Denova or Asation or whatever new content is to come in the future.

If you don't want 'too many' players 'too easy' or 'too cheap' access to modable bracers and belts, why not do it one of those ways:


a) make them craftable items for synthweaving and armormech, and you can learn those by reverse engineeing Tionese/Columi/Rakata bracers/belts


b) sell them via the Dreadguard/Hazmat Vendor on the fleet for the same tokens from Denova nightmare that you use to buy Dreadguard bracers/belts


Given that you emphasize the 'look how you like' so much, I think this is a reasonable suggestion.

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