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Planetary Commendations/Capitol guild ships


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Dear all my sugestions for a capitol guild ship so all guild can gather in one place rather than be over a entire galaxy also make it decoratable by the guild.

Now onto the commendations:-

Commendations: These could be set so that you can share within your legacy on all your toon it is just an idea that some of your toons may have like for instance 500 certain planetary commendations and another may have the same so in order to access those certain characters need to do more on one to get the desired ammount or this could as I have said be linked to your legacy and thus there you could send commendations to your other characters,by this it will save a lot of unused commendations and that way you will not be left with like 10 korriban commendations when another character has say 500 as legacy bound they are transferable between your characters.Thank you for reading.

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