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Things I would like to see in future update


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OK I not going to give a big intro explaining things so i just get right to it. (I apologize for spelling issues in advance.


-Re-add the /hoodup /hooddown feature. ( This was in the beta before game luanch from what I am told)


-Guild Capital Ships / Bases


-Bothan/Wookie playable species (No offense Cathar has been depicted differently in every comic and game and its the only reason i don't like them)


-Space PVP and free roam (I know its been considered many times)


-Ignore list to cover entire accounts (This is more recent due to the gold spammers coming back)


- Interactions with opposite fraction ( More than just nuertral planets. I say allow them in same general chat at least and no more "Player does not exist" even when they are in front of you)


-GM's not to close tickets until player does not response or until player says its fixed. (I had to ask for help on same problem more than once multiple times when they said it was fixed only for them to either not have fixed it or a new problem was caused by what they had done.)


-Graphic issue's resolved (Companion lightsaber's ECT.)


-More Collector edition items (We where promised updates with this vender for us who bought collectors edition and have yet to see a single update.)


-More planets (I know this one will take ALOT of time but I am patient.) Planets I would like to see are Dantoonie Onderon (or duxun) Byss, and Zoist (or Ryloth)


These are all some of the things that I would like to see in a future update.

Keep up the good work Bioware and I look forward to your next update.

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Minor tweaking to some classes but no overhauls, just to allow just that little extra competitiveness, i don't think i need to name whose just got a bit too much and who needs a lil more.


2 more pvp warzones


Ilum turned into a daily place, like tol barad or Wintersgrasp, and without companions would be fine if necessary.


2 new flashpoints to link up with a new planet...and maybe 1 op in there too.


A reason for people to carry on pvping once they have full War Hero but don't want/need Epic and theres a seperate thread for ideas here.

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