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SWTOR Jedi Knight becomes Sith STORY SPOILER


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a little vid i made i changed my jedis lightsaber from green to red and gave him a darker look when you fall under the emperors control it just didn't make sense why they would let you run around in republic garb when your under the sith control check it out



actually, I'd argue that you ruined the story for yourself, but i'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you aren't familiar with either lore - or the storylines for warrior and inquisitor.



as you noticed yourself, you're an acolyte. acolytes don't get a new saber yet. the saber(crystal) is a symbol of you actually becoming sith. in this little intermezzo though, you aren't yet an actual sith. the emperor is testing you, so naturally he wouldn't actually allow you to run around like a sith just yet




(let's pretend we don't have countless jedi on the fleet running around like jedi and you're actually special now when you swing a blue saber)

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