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Celebrate! The Might Hilt 27 is finally available!


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The 4 mil fee attached to the hilt crafting fee is reasonable as far a the guild and ops groups are concerned because of a few reasons:

A) We lost many offhands and mainhands to RE that could have been used to gear the ops group members

B) The schematic can only be learned if you have an artificer in the raid group

C) The schematic is very rare

D) The fee acts as a deterrent to people trying to learn the schematic


In our opinion, the 4 mil fee was determined to be fair, reflective of schematic rarity, and affordable. Crafting the hilt for the general server population is a business service, not a gift owed. The price will remain at 4 mil for the foreseeable time, and continued moaning about pricing will not change that.


As far as crafting for free goes, offering the schematic is a service the guild does not owe or need to provide to the server population. As there is little to no benefit as far the guild and ops group goes, not to mention the crafter, offering for free is extremely unlikely.

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Damn. Maybe if the price wasn't so high. :rolleyes:




yeah cause the price hasn't dropped to free + mats on everything else right?


The only thing people charge for now is the hazmat implants, and the standard fee is 1 mil + mats. Of course, you can't learn those off of other people. I'm sure that's not a coincidence at all.

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Greetings denizens of the illustrious Ebon Hawk server!


On behalf of <Calamitous Intent>, I'd like to share some exciting news for the server. The Might Hilt 27 has finally been learned after a total of 11 attempts and 17 HM TfB runs (Weapons are not guaranteed to drop). In celebration of this difficult and hard-earned accomplishment, the guildie who learned the schematic is offering it as both crafted with a nominal fee or straight credit sale from the GTN. Furthermore, in celebration of both this momentous occasion and the holiday season, pricing will be set at a fair and low rate!


For mats + fee, contact Dryst or Tullus (empire faction only). The materials are: 2x Synthetic Energy Matrix, 8x Molecular Stabilizer, and 8x Corusca Gem. As an added bonus, the crafter has agreed to assume the costs of the other materials! The crafting fee has been set to a low (relative to enormous difficulty and raid group gear loss) price of only 4 million credits.


For GTN pricing, see the GTN


<Calamitous Intent> wishes you all a Happy Lifeday and may the force be with you!




Wait, and let me guess, if it crits, you plan to keep the extra item too, right?

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