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Where to start.....

1. A ranked game where a team actually queued with 5 healers and 3 tanks?

2. No one pulls those numbers unless you have 5 ppl constantly sitting on top of one another, so the idea that this was the same guild and maybe a legit death match goes out the window.

3. A healer with 0 dmg? Unless we are talking about the worst healer on the planet, he chose not to even use his stun the entire match.

4. In an 18 min game, you have 1 dps at 400k, and the rest under 200k when they are beating on nothing but healers and not being killed. I could auto attack for 18 mins and pull higher than 400k.

5. 3 tanks and no one taunted the guy pulling 3k dps?

6. The guy talking in guild is on the other team.


I could go on and on. We all KNOW this was a setup.

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