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PVP smuggler healer spec/gear/rotation ?


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First of all, if you're pvp'ing you shouldn't be looking for a rotation. Heck almost none of the classes or specs have an actual rotation (you could say that some of the tanking classes have something close). You should be using the best skills for the current situation.


As far as healing goes, your healing priority is basically going to be the same as it is in pve.


If you're new to pvp with your smuggler I suggest starting here: http://www.noxxic.com/swtor/pvp/smuggler/scoundrel/sawbones


It probably won't make you an all-star, but it's a good place to start.

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This, but 1 change.

Take the 2 points from the dodge speed boost and put them in the dirty fighting tree for dirty kick speed boost and cooldown reduction


As for the healing itself. There is no rotation in PVP. Everything you do is based on the situation. Though try to keep SRMP on at least 3 people at all times, with one or two stacks. This should provide you with a constant stream of upper hands to use emergency medpack.

Apart from that I would suggest learning where to stand in warzones to not get interrupted as much when using UWM.

Also, your aoe heal (kolto cloud) should be on a near- constant countdown. Its my favourite healing skill and i spam it like no else.


In time you learn to maintain your energy while being useful in bursty situations. It simply takes practice, not much to teach here

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Odd spec's listed above.


There are basically 2 main specs that people use. It is all based around this framework:




The main 2 that you see are:






My preference is for the first, the more popular one being the second. The remaining 2 points in the 1st build can be put anywhere, i generally slot them into alacrity, some go for extra endurance, extra crit, or extra stealth/stealth detection. In my opinion, the 15% movement speed buff at all times trumps all.


In PvP, while on paper med screen looks good, the reality is it's near useless. Its lucky to survive more than 1 GCD against any competant dps, so chances are you wont even gain any bonus healing from it.


Last time i checked it (which i admit hasn't been for a while), Scramble (+20% speed on dodge) is bugged and does not work. Don't wase any points in it, unless you want to test it yourself or i am corrected by someone who has tested it recently.


As for rotations, what others say is right, it vastly depends on the situation. The closest thing we have to a rotation is keeping up SRMP on as many as possible within the confines of not letting someone die just to keep it rolling. Our basic healing rotation is UWM -> EMP, which, if you have healed at all on your way to 50, should have picked up by now. Our burst healing rotation when energy is not an issue is UWM -> KP repeated until target is killed or no longer under pressure.


There is plenty of other posts and info out there on our stats, scroll down and maybe back a page or 2, and you will find the information you seek.

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Last time i checked it (which i admit hasn't been for a while), Scramble (+20% speed on dodge) is bugged and does not work. Don't wase any points in it, unless you want to test it yourself or i am corrected by someone who has tested it recently.


It works, as with many speed boosts it does not apply outside of combat or at least not if you have sprint on.


One thing I'd suggest is to heal from cover whenever possible (something that not many people seem to do) it makes you immune to leaps(and the annoying 1s interrupt associated with it) and pulls. Also you don't have the cover buff or the visible cover like a GS/Sniper so whilst in a casting animation it's impossible to tell you are actually in cover, it usually takes a second or two for them to realise why their leap/pull does't work :p. This also applies to any cap attempts on novare/voidstar/civil war.


Be sure to go for the expertise buff often, especially on civil war where you can grab them easily as soon as they respawn if you;re fighting at the middle point.


For ability use mostly what others have said, that it's very situational and over time and with practice you should start to pick up a natural feeling on what to use and when. Keep Slow Release Medpac with 2 stacks up on many people to provide the upperhand procs. Try to be aware of where people are and if possible use Kolto Cloud with an aim to hit multiple people. If possible I will run through the middle of my teammates and cast it on myself giving heals to myself and giving me more control over who receives the healing.


Overall I would say to learn from the guides and threads on here and other sites but don't be afraid to try other things that you think may work, sometimes the optimal stats and strategies for other's playstyle may not fit yours.


Good luck :)

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