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Speeders with jet trails?


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Just something I've noticed during my time in SW:ToR. In the movies, no speeder had visible flames or jets shooting out the back. In ToR, I can't seem to find a speeder without them.


I'm leveling a Trooper, and always thought the Czerka Cruiser looked like a Trooper type of mount (all white, blocky like an army vehicle.) But, even the Czerka Cruiser has this mega-phone thing on the bottom with a tiny little orange flame. I was a little disappointed.


I might just be forgetting the mention of jets and jet flames from books and other sources. Is there a strong presence of flame jets on speeders in the EU, or is this a BioWare thing? Swoop bikes and pod racers obviously have them, but I can't recall any speeders with visible flames.



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