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explain sweeping fury


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increase the frequency at witch soresu form can generate rage by 1 sec. Now isn´t that a bad thing ?

maybe it´s just to balance out the slash bonus or i´m reading the talent wrong.


This means you generate rage/focus more quickly from taking damage.


Essentially, when maxed out you get twice as much rage/focus from Soresu form

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Increasing the frequency translates to decreasing the time between. It's badly worded. But ends up as follows:

No ranks = 1 Focus/6 Seconds

1 rank = 1 Focus/5 Seconds

2 ranks = 1 Focus/4 Seconds

3 ranks = 1 Focus/3 Seconds


Might have been better to write the tip as: "Reduces the internal CD on Soresu Form's focus generation by 1s per rank." Or something like that.

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