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:sy_empire:Invictus Tenebrae:sy_empire:


Faction: Empire/Sith.

Focus: PvE and PvP.

Guild Leader: Ushuma.

Officers: No'la, FiveDoll, Hitlaa and Rayess.

Website: www.invictustenebrae.com

Communication: TS3 and Mumble.


TL;DR: Invictus Tenebrae is an international guild. We are everything that you want to be. We are PvE, PvP, social, casual, friendly and fun. Whatever it is that you like to do, we have a place for you in our family. We strive to be the best at what we enjoy doing all while having fun and creating long lasting friendships. If you are interested to know more about Invictus Tenebrae please visit us at our website.


-Who we are?


Invictus Tenebrae is a family oriented guild, most of who will go out of their way to help other guild members, we enjoy the casual game, and the hardcore game, since the main goal of the guild is to create deep bonds of friendship that last forever.


We consider ourselves a casual guild and above all would like to keep a friendly, family like atmosphere within the guild. However, casual does not mean disorganized, when it comes to guild group activities (Operations, PvP, etc.) we can be and always strive to be highly organized and disciplined, but will still try to enjoy our gaming and not have it become a second job.


-What we are looking for?


We prefer and highly encourage guild group play, but we understand that our members can't take part in every group event. We encourage our members to use both guild voice comunications (even if only for listening) and guild forum as much as possible, so even when you are soloing you will feel you are part of the guild.


We strive to be drama free, but from our experience we know that unfortunately sometimes drama is unavoidable. However, when it does occur, we will try to resolve it swiftly and fairly by discussing matters with all sides involved. We will try to do this in a transparent manner and not hide anything from our members. We are adults and we will treat you as one.


-Join us!


So, if you are looking for new friends, mature gaming atmosphere and most importantly find a guild that is like a family for us, then Invictus Tenebrae is the place where you should be.


Please go to our Recruitment page and submit your application.



Kind regards!


-Invictus Tenebrae.

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