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Everyone has their own definition if "good", here's what it means to me. Faces of players do not matter to me though I am in my late 30 and I guess some time the "young'ns" can be bother some which is why I like mature player guilds. I'm probably a really bad player still wi questions about how things work or what " tree" is best to follow and why. When I ask a question I ask because I want to learn the in's and out's of that particular character. My old guild was WAY TO casual and we never did anything except spur of the moment, which is ok because at that time I couldn't make it, now I'm all alone on POT5 .

Things I'd like your guild to have:


Website( optional but a plus )

Plenty of people to play with, currently with work I'm on after 10 pm pst but am open on weekend( due to change in dec.)

Do weekly s and dailies

Be helpfull

And most importantly be willing to run with someone for the night and experience the game together

I've always wanted to start a group that goes from level one to fifty together, wz's together,dailies,just one day a week.

A large guild would be helpfully and just large by number of toons but actual people who play.


AmI looking for to much lol



EDIT should have mentioned i have toons on both sides but mostly looking for IMP side as of now, but having both is a plus

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Please consider joining <Prophecy of the Fatman>! You look like a player who shares our views and wants a community to enjoy with players of all types!


Our guild has tons of potential! We've been in need of more active 50s for quite some time, but we are a pretty big guild, too. Many of the 50s we have have (I used "have" together 2 times...) erratic schedules and are active at random times, so it may be sometimes difficult to setup a RWZ comm run group or Operations. One other reason is because we have players of many types from just PvP'ers to PvE'ers and some that do a mix of both—but we have still labeled ourselves as mainly a PvP guild.


I just hope you check us out at the link, and what I said will be nothing but Swiss cheese from what the guild's recruitment thread says! :)

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