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Are there any BIG guilds on Dalborra?


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hey guys really trying to focus on rerolling here since i love the low MS and hate the delay on the US servers, and i just wanted to know if there are any large guilds on this server that have always 20-30+ online during normal hrs? i made a toon on The Harbringer and was invited to a guild that has around 40 active members playing all the time during their prime time with 4 different 8man raid teams!!! Does Dalborra have anything like this i guess they call them a community guild/clan etc


also forgot to say prefer Empire :p

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I'm also from Wampa stompers, 20 is for nights when we don't have anything going, our world boss safari night is easily just under 30 our flashpoint night is just under forty, as far as actual members yup it's getting close to sixty, in game character is ballooning with a fair few alts and what not but there's usually a decent number of people online at most times of the day.


As far as the guild itself, we're not elitist, we don't don't expect you to hand over your first born to raid, we have recently gotten a vent server thanks to a vy generous member, always people running the fifty dailies and hm's, decent support and crafting, and a very active guild chat.


The only thing we ask is that you sign up to our website, don't be a douche, keep your language to pg 13 levels, be courteous and don't bully or exclude other players while acting in a general helpful nature, we're all here to have a good time and at no point should you detract from someone else's fun.


We are however solely empire based at this point, this would be the only downside at the moment, as said before we are a newer guild in game, and getting a decent footing going rather quickly.


As for the website, that's http://www.wampastompers.shivtr.com


And we sound like what your after then hit us up in game, my characters are T'litha and i'litha, or just ask in game for one of us.



Most importantly, have fun on dalborra.

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