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Hazmat Mender's MK-3 System Available for Craft


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Stats are

Hazmat Mender's MK-3 System

+93 Endurance

+108 Cunning

+76 Power

+60 Surge Rating


Mats are

02x Synthetic Energie Matrix

10x Radioactive Paste

06x Molecular Stabilizer

12x Immunity Cell Culture

14x Neurochemical Extract

My Fee crafting with your Materials is 600k, I give Discount if you want 2 or more made.

The Fee is this high because it was a lot of effort to get 350 Black Hole Comms (at least 3 Weeks of patiently farming everything) AND successfully RE an Implant. So paying my Fee is saving you the Trouble of farming 350 BH Comms which can take Weeks.

Also i paid as much for the Hazmat Boltblaster's MK-2 Package's that im using on my Mercenary. /whisper Skirmish on Imperial Side or Gutka on Republic Side in Game or simply PM me. You can as well send the Mats and i will send the Implants back on COD Base.

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out of curiosity... have you managed to get it from the first RE? :D


Yes i did get it with the 1st try, i also got the Hazmat Pummelers MK-3 one as well right at the next attempt. I attempted a 3rd RE on the Juggernaut Tanking one but this one i failed.


Prices dropped btw. 200k for a Pair.

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