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[Guide] Jedi Consular Information Index (Where has all the sticky gone?)


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(updated 13-Dec-11)

"Lost a planet, Master Obi-Wan has."


Friends! Sages, Shadows and Consulars, lend me your bandwidth. Due to the Consular forum's overwhelming desire to be helpful and informative, we appear to have taken the moderators by surprise. We have too many guides to be stickied! There are so many good ones. I've been asked to put together a unified listing of the many, many great topics present on this forum along with useful off-site links. Without further ado, I shall do so!


If you would like to help contribute to the organization of these forums, when making a thread, please follow these community guidelines and insert one of these categories into your thread title:


- Completed or in-progress guides

- On-going theorycrafting

- For those who have a question

- Encompasses Lore (Storyline) or RP help

- Anything else

[Off Topic]
- Something not related to Consulars





These links lead to coherent guides or blogs devoted to a specific advanced class or class specialization.








These links lead to guides or blogs focused on other elements of the class, such as the storyline campaign or the companions.





Threads around the wider SW:tOR forums which have a lot of helpful general information on them, not necessarily focused on the Consular.





These links lead to informational websites that are not primarily related to the Consular, but can directly assist in knowledge of the class.



Do you have a guide, video, webcomic, machanima, or some other significant contribution to Jedi Consular-ness? Do you think there is a guide you've seen somewhere else that deserves to be mentioned here? Game-Mechanical stuff about our Sith mirrors is acceptable. Please post, and I will add it.


Guidelines: The post or website should be at least moderately legible, and adhere to a Western Audience teen-appropriate (or better) content rating. If they are in French or German, they should probably go to the French or German forums, but I'll post foreign language stuff here if requested. If it's an off-site page, make certain that the website is clean of spyware or questionable content.


Once the game releases, standards for videos will go up. Right now, for videos almost anything is good since we're all in withdrawal.




If an ability name isn't included, it is identically named across the two classes. Some of the more common skills are included as well.


Jedi to Sith


Balance: Madness

Battle Readiness: Overcharge Saber

Benevolence: Dark Heal

Circling Shadows: Induction

Clairvoyant Strike: Voltaic Slash

Combat Technique: Dark Charge

Concentration: Subversion

Conveyance: Force Bending

Critical Kinesis: Disintegration

Deliverance: Dark Infusion

Disturbance: Lightning Strike

Double Strike: Thrash

Exit Strategy: Static Charge

Find Weakness: Exploit Weakness

Force Armor: Static Barrier

Force Breach: Discharge

Force in Balance: Death Field

Force Lift: Whirlwind

Force of Will: Unbreakable Will

Force Potency: Recklessness

Force Strike: Raze

Force Stun: Electrocute

Force Suppression: Deathmark

Force Synergy: Exploitive Strikes

Force Technique: Lightning Charge

Force Valor: Mark of Power

Force Wake: Electric Bindings

Force Wave: Overload

Forcequake: Force Storm

Harnessed Shadows: Harnessed Darkness

Healing Trance: Innervate

Infiltration: Deception

Kinetic Collapse: Backlash

Kinetic Combat: Darkness

Kinetic Ward: Dark Ward

Masked Assault: Darkswell

Meditation: Seethe

Mental Alacrity: Polarity Shift

Mind Crush: Crushing Darkness

Mind Maze: Mind Trap

Mind over Matter: Disjunction

Mind Snap: Jolt

Noble Sacrifice: Consumption

Particle Acceleration: Energize

Project: Shock

Psychic Projection: Lightning Barrage

Psychokinesis: Torment

Rejuvenate: Resurgence

Rescue: Extrication

Resplendence: Force Surge

Restoration: Purge

Revival: Reanimation

Salvation: Revivification

Seer: Corruption

Shadow's Respite: Dark Embrace

Shadow Strike: Maul

Shadow Technique: Surging Charge

Slow Time: Wither

Spinning Kick: Spike

Spinning Strike: Assassinate

Stasis: Eye of the Storm

Telekinetic Defense: Lightning Barrier

Telekinetic Effusion: Lightning Effusion

Telekinetic Throw: Force Lightning

Telekinetic Wave: Chain Lightning

Telekinetics: Lightning

Tidal Force: Lightning Storm

Tremors: Conduction

Turbulence: Thundering Blast

Twin Disciplines: Unearthed Knowledge

Unity: No direct analogue, but closest is Sacrifice.

Upheaval: Chain Shock

Weaken Mind: Affliction

Whirling Blow: Lacerate




Sith to Jedi


Affliction: Weaken Mind

Assassinate: Spinning Strike

Backlash: Kinetic Collapse

Chain Lightning: Telekinetic Wave

Chain Shock: Upheaval

Conduction: Tremors

Consumption: Noble Sacrifice

Corruption: Seer

Creeping Terror: Sever Force

Crushing Darkness: Mind Crush

Dark Charge: Combat Technique

Dark Embrace: Shadow's Respite

Dark Heal: Benevolence

Dark Infusion: Deliverance

Dark Ward: Kinetic Ward

Darkness: Kinetic Combat

Darkswell: Masked Assault

Death Field: Force in Balance

Deathmark: Force Suppression

Deception: Infiltration

Discharge: Force Breach

Disintegration: Critical Kinesis

Disjunction: Mind over Matter

Electric Bindings: Force Wake

Electrocute: Force Stun

Energize: Particle Acceleration

Exploit Weakness: Find Weakness

Exploitive Strikes: Force Synergy

Extrication: Rescue

Eye of the Storm: Stasis

Force Bending: Conveyance

Force Lightning: Telekinetic Throw

Force Shroud: Resilience

Force Storm: Forcequake

Force Surge: Resplendence

Harnessed Darkness: Harnessed Shadows

Induction: Circling Shadows

Innervate: Healing Trance

Jolt: Mind Snap

Lacerate: Whirling Blow

Lightning: Telekinetics

Lightning Barrage: Psychic Projection

Lightning Barrier: Telekinetic Defense

Lightning Charge: Force Technique

Lightning Effusion: Telekinetic Effusion

Lightning Storm: Tidal Force

Lightning Strike: Disturbance

Madness: Balance

Mark of Power: Force Valor

Maul: Shadow Strike

Mind Trap: Mind Maze

Overcharge Saber: Battle Readiness

Overload: Force Wave

Polarity Shift: Mental Alacrity

Purge: Restoration

Raze: Force Strike

Reanimation: Revival

Recklessness: Force Potency

Resurgence: Rejuvenate

Revivification: Salvation

Sacrifice: No direct analogue, but closest is Unity.

Seethe: Meditation

Shock: Project

Spike: Spinning Kick

Static Barrier: Force Armor

Static Charge: Exit Strategy

Subversion: Concentration

Surging Charge: Shadow Technique

Torment: Psychokinesis

Thrash: Double Strike

Thundering Blast: Turbulence

Unbreakable Will: Force of Will

Unearthed Knowledge: Twin Disciplines

Voltaic Slash: Clairvoyant Strike

Whirlwind: Force Lift

Wither: Slow Time

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Any still missing posts can be temporarily linked from here, until they get restored to the current forums.


At this point, I don't have any intention of bringing that down, but it is obviously not interactive. Just thought it might be nice to have the former posts until their owners can get them back up.


EDIT: There was, for some reason, quite a bit of corruption to the first page of links in the consular backup. I just went through and manually repaired many of them. I think every thread on that first consular page works, now.

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I'll take that as a compliment, Astral, but I'm not sure I want to be fruity. :)


Anyway, here's the original version of this thread. I went through and fixed all the linking issues. Every link there will actually point to the old file it used to point to.

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Seems like a nice central place to put this to:


Don't get to overly zealous with categories. Stick with something easy to track.


[Guide] - Completed or in-progress guides

[Theorycrafting] - On-going theorycrafting

[Help] - For those who have a question

[Lore/RP] - Encompasses Lore (Storyline) or RP help

[General] - Anything else

[Off Topic] - Something not related to Consulars

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